Login In to Twitter and Make Money? Tip #2
December 27, 2011, 1:28 pm
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Do you wish to know how to make money off of Twitter? Well guess what, you’ve came to the right place. First of all to make money off of this newcoming Social Website you must have some things to be apart of the program I’m going to tell you about.

  1. You must have a decent amount of followers
  2. Be Able to sell
  3. Make sure you don’t spam your wall with ads

Now since I’ve told you what you must need to have / obtain, it’s ready to introduce you to the program that I’m going to show you. This program is named Revtwt. Signup for a profile on Revtwt and they’ll check your twitter profile to make sure it’s sustainable for advertisement. After your twitter account get approveds you’ll be able to place ads on it. Revtwt is set up as a “cost per click” program. Each time someone click the link to view the product you get money.