December 26, 2011, 3:20 am
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What’s up guys? I’ve been apart of this sport named Paintball for quite some time now and I’m ready to introduce the sport to the innerwebs. I’ve been playing paintball for a year and a half now. First it started out as just a hobby to enforce the seizing of my boredom. My father introduced paintball to me as a pastime because he told me that he hated watching me play Call of Duty all day. I decided to give paintball a try.

This isn’t like most paintball stories where the person plays the sport and says they had a blast and all that junk. Truthfully, the first time I played paintball I was terrified. I got shot numerous times and winced at the pain of a paintball. I felt so pressured to play paintball because my dad enjoyed it. I didn’t want to keep my dad from playing so I decided I might get used to the pain after a while. Months on months, I still continued to be terrified… I once got so terrified that I shot a tree and wiped the paint on my sleeve to make it look like I was out. One day I decided to stop being so scared and rush the other team similar to my playing style in Call of Duty. That one day I truly had a blast. I rushed into the enemies fort, killed everyone, took the flag, and captured it on my own. I felt so proud and ever since then, I haven’t even winced at the pain of a paintball… as now I don’t feel it.

Just remember young players, if you’re friends are having a blast and you’re scared to get hit, it’s perfectly normal. My status in paintball now is that I’m on a team, played in the World Cup in Orlando, placed first in my local tournament series, and I’m still continuing to have a blast while playing paintball.


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